Writing in Tempo


Sat 13.04 at 12:00


Workshop by Wendy's Subway.

In this workshop participants will think about (artist book) publishing as a capacious site for interdisciplinary artistic practice. Through a series of prompts, and by looking at examples of relevant artists’ books, participants will consider the book as a medium through which to experiment with the translation of form, time, movement, and genre.

SIGN UP HERE! 150,- per participant, maximum 10. Snacks and drinks will be available during the workshop.

Wendy’s Subway is a reading room, writing space, and independent publisher in Bushwick, Brooklyn. We support emerging artists and writers in making experimental, urgent work and create alternative modes for learning and thinking in community. Wendy’s Subway is dedicated to encouraging creative, critical, and discursive engagement with arts and literature. We prioritize collaboration and horizontal decision-making in our work towards being a responsive and sustainable organization.