Program 2024



Bergen Public Library, Storsalen

Norsk Risoforening presents Norwegian Risography Conference (NRC)

Get ready to be inspired at the first-ever Norwegian Risography Conference! Join us as we celebrate the art of risography, and discover the power of community and running a risograph studio. Meet Lisi, George and Matt from Risofort, Issue Press and Perfectly Acceptable Press!

Tekstallmenningen, Markeveien 4 B

Exploring Physical Spaces for Artists' Publishing

In an era where digitalization has transformed the way we consume and produce content, it is important to question the role that physical spaces play in artists' publishing. To delve deeper into this topic, this presentation will showcase the different practices of three notable physical spaces for artists' publishing, namely Tekstallmenningen in Bergen, Bladr in Copenhagen, and in Berlin.

In collaboration with Tekstallianse.

Book launch
Bergen Public Library, Storsalen

10 min x 10 book launches

We're warming up for the Bergen Art Book Fair with 10 book launches at Bergen Public Library!

10x10 artist's books is a great opportunity to get an insight into ten different books being launched at the book fair! Each of the ten books presented comes from various publishers and artists, spanning a wide range of genres, styles, and formats. This includes everything from handmade books, photo books, comics, to zines, poetry, and performance!

10 mins, 10 books! From Foot Books, Asami Togawa, HOMOCATS, Nordic Letterpress Network, FLEE Project, Egidija Čiricaitė, Suppergiù magazine, kaffi fanzine, Kurt Johannessen and TRÆSH Forlag



Northing Space

Satellite: Preview of the exhibition Book Nomad

Book Nomad is, as its name indicates, an ever-growing travel exhibition of art books initiated by abC Art Book Fair in China and curated collectively in a nomadic and global manner. It started in Beijing during the pandemic when international travel became nearly impossible and made its way through Southeast Asia into Europe. Seizing the opportunity, Northing will also open the concept bookshop within the exhibition room developed from the very first event at Northing Space, the pop-up bookshop titled 'Elephant in the Store'.

More info at Northing

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Writing in Tempo

Workshop by Wendy's Subway.

In this workshop participants will think about (artist book) publishing as a capacious site for interdisciplinary artistic practice. Through a series of prompts, and by looking at examples of relevant artists’ books, participants will consider the book as a medium through which to experiment with the translation of form, time, movement, and genre.

SIGN UP HERE! 150,- per participant, maximum 10. Snacks and drinks will be available during the workshop.

Bergen Kunsthall

For a Free Palestine: thoughts on a resistance movement

In this workshop, the audience and participants of BABF will be welcomed to drop by and have a conversation with Nayara about the ongoing genocide in Palestine. They will then be invited to pick up a blank paper and answer – with a text, a poem or a drawing – the question What does Free Palestine mean to you? The answers will become a zine that Nayara will print at Pamflett the next day.

No registration required!

Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek, Storsalen

What makes a good book cover?

How does a book cover influence how we perceive a literary work? Is there a recipe for a good book cover? Meet two of the country’s most high-profile designers in conversation.

Don’t judge a book by its cover, the proverb goes.

The cover is the first thing we see when we’re about to read a book, and can have a big effect on how we perceive the text. At the same time, most readers seldom think about what makes a good cover and good book design.

Talk organized by Bergen Public Library. OBS: This talk will be in Norwegian.

Book launch
Bergen Kunsthall - Room #5

OUT OF THE GRID - Italian Zine 1978-2006

Book presentation and display with Sara Serighelli, SPRINT and O'associazione non profit

OUT OF THE GRID. Italian zines 1978-2006 is a volume - realized thanks to the Italian Council, XI Edition grant - imagined as a mapping of those independent realities that from the late 1970s to the first decade of the 2000s developed on the Italian territory through the self-production of amateur publications or fanzines (from the contraction of Fan Magazine).

Book launch
Hordaland Kunstsenter

Satellite: Launch of magazine Sjå

Launch of Sjå #7 NOISE

Launch of the seventh edition of the Sjå magazine, this time at Hordaland Kunstsenter.

Through analog photography and various texts, we in Sjå #7 have explored the theme of "noise" and all it can entail, from deafening bangs to sky-shouting silence, from external impressions to internal feelings, and from soft edges to sharp turns.

Nordnes Sjøbad

Bergen Art Book Bath

Attention bathing enthusiasts and aficionados of artist’s books! It's time to gather your reading glasses, towels, swimwear, and cozy essentials, and embark on a unique adventure with us at the inaugural Bergen Art Book Bath – the first of its kind in the world!?

Launch of new book Aquatic Encounters. A glossary of hydrofeminisms, by the pool performance by Imi Maufe, sauna readings by Fredrik Rysjedal and Leander Djønne. DJ set by FLEE Project.

Collaboration with Nordnes Sjøbad and Tekstallianse.

Ends at 21:00. Tickets 50,- Pre-sale of tickets here

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Bergen Kunsthall

Bergen Art Book Fair Open

Bergen Art Book Fair is open between 11:00–17:00 on Sunday! Check out this years exhibitors!