What makes a good book cover?


Sat 13.04

Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek, Storsalen

How does a book cover influence how we perceive a literary work? Is there a recipe for a good book cover? Meet two of the country’s most high-profile designers in conversation.

Don’t judge a book by its cover, the proverb goes.

The cover is the first thing we see when we’re about to read a book, and can have a big effect on how we perceive the text. At the same time, most readers seldom think about what makes a good cover and good book design.

Talk organized by Bergen Public Library. OBS: This talk will be in Norwegian.

Aslak Gurholt

is the man behind the design studio Yokoland, and designs books for Flamme Forlag and many other publishing houses.

Johanne Hjorthol

is the woman behind the design studio Bokform, and has designed books for Oktober, Samlaget and Aschehoug publishing houses.

The conversation is moderated by Robin Van de Walle, author and librarian at the Bergen Public Library.