OUT OF THE GRID - Italian Zine 1978-2006

Book launch

Sat 13.04 at 14:00

Bergen Kunsthall - Room #5

Book presentation and display with Sara Serighelli, SPRINT and O'associazione non profit

OUT OF THE GRID. Italian zines 1978-2006 is a volume - realized thanks to the Italian Council, XI Edition grant - imagined as a mapping of those independent realities that from the late 1970s to the first decade of the 2000s developed on the Italian territory through the self-production of amateur publications or fanzines (from the contraction of Fan Magazine).

With a selection of 100 projects, the publication highlights a broad intergenerational movement with a plurality of aesthetics, stylistic approaches, fields and imaginaries. The research and cataloguing work thus returns a hitherto unexplored wealth of paths, united by the same passion for underground scenes and the desire to create alternatives by means of the music and creative expressions of the period.

The conversation will be activated around a display showing some of the original materials in the company of Sara Serighelli , co-founder of SPRINT, director of O' non profit association, and book co-editor.

OUT OF THE GRID. Italian zines 1978-2006, it's a 400-pages English-language book and project by artist Dafne Boggeri, edited in collaboration with Sara Serighelli and published by Les Presses du réel, printed on Sappi paper, with the support of VANS.