Quiet Friends/Stille venner - Chie&Rei (Northing)

Book launch

Sun 16.04 at 14:00

Upstairs, Bergen Kunsthall

The Japanese artist couple Chie and Rei Ito create quiet fairytales with Japanese Washi paper that they hand-made from recycled paper.
They don't advocate any specific morals or lessons in their storytelling; instead, they let the readers decide what to take away from those otherwise rather simple stories.
They believe that stories which are actually complex, multifaceted and engaging often seem to be very simple.
In the picture book collection Quiet Friends, they will tell us three such stories.

Quiet Friends

Moi and Pi are friends. They don't talk much, but they seem to always be together.

Poppy is a Lost Foal

Poppy, a cheerful foal, loves running and doesn't bother stopping

Poppy, now a lost foal, still keeps running.

Yar's Little Big Adventure

Yar really wanted to know what was glimmering in the sky.

So it set out on a little big adventure.