Modes of Being Together: A Riso Zine-Making Workshop


Sun 16.04 at 13:00

Bookshop, Bergen Kunsthall

The best part of the independent publishing world is the people themselves and the sense of community. We talk about community a lot, but it deserves a closer look into what it really is and how you build it. In this workshop with Secret Riso Club from Brooklyn, NY, participants will work with a partner to interview one another, then collectively create 4 pages of a zine. We will then walk participants through the riso process to print their pages. We will bind all participants’ pages together to form a collective zine about community. Participants will walk away with a copy of the zine. Participants should come open to sharing, discussing, learning and creating.

Workshop is approx 3 hours long

Workshop fee 300,- (click here to get tickets)