B*stard - collisions between visual art and literature


Sat 15.04 at 12:00

Upstairs, Bergen Kunsthall

This will be a presentation of Bstard, both as a bookstore and an art book fair, with 4 examples from the selection of 639 publications. The main purpose of Bstard is to be a meeting point and a distribution channel for the art book field in Norway, which makes art books and artists' books visible and disseminates them to a broad, general public interested in culture. The fair and the bookstore's program aim to be a meeting point, a distributor, and a showcase for overlaps between literature and visual art. The bookstore collects and extends the threads that already lives through the fair, and gives B*stard a year-round cycle, both through the physical location at Oppland Kunstsenter and via the online store bastardbok.no.

4 examples from the shelves

Half Sun and a secret Sky. A book with a physiological and humanitarian approach through Hilde's Aagaard trips in Greece. A series of images close to cinematic narratives unfolds the mystical and spiritual relationship of human and nature and their interconnectedness. Hilde Aagaard's practice involves the outdoor public environment as well as the indoor private space, and focuses on viewer interaction (chance or intentional, passive or active) with nature and the landscape. To this end, she employs an almost limitless range of media, including photography, collage, sculpture, video, artistbooks, and performance.

MYCELIUM is a conversation series about site specific art-projects  exploring the relationship between art and place. Interviewer and curator for MYCELIUM is Eivind Slettemeås. The series consists of 5 publications: Elin T. Sørensen and Mads Pålsrud - Pyrolaboratoriet, Marit Arnekleiv and Egil Martin Kurdøl - Overhopp, Ola Sendstad - Vinterlandbrukskolen, Nina Heum and Eirin Støen - SIRENE, Tarald Wassvik and Siri Leira - Saksumdal Tempel.

Om Hello (about Hello) is a publication that takes its point of departure from the event HELLO - conference on the responsibility of art museums for decentralized art practices and temporary expressions that took place in Lillehammer on 10 October 2022, initiated by the Visual Artists Innlandet. The publication collects all the contributions that were made during the conference, as well as reproduces the panel discussion that rounded off the program. Contributors: Marit Arnekleiv, Per Bjarne Boym, Vilde Andrea Brun, Rannveig Funderud, Egil Mrtin Kurdøl, Nils Ohlsen, Kjetil Røed, Christel Sverre, Miriam Wistreich and Silje Eugenie Strande Øktner.

In Thujord, Ola Rindal has worked with snow and frost around the farm where he grew up in Fåvang. The winter landscape has very little colour, and the images of trees become like drawings against the white background. This is a story about a mood, where he balances between the beautiful and the unpleasant. It is not a narrative, but it appears more like a poem with several interpretation possibilities. He works with the subtle in a landscape that is as exotically romantic to outsiders as it is banal and everyday to those who live there. He incorporates people around him to show a personal affinity with the place and the landscape, and thus he himself is part of the book.