Stephen Parks (Constant Ritual)

Stephen Parks (Constant Ritual) (USA)

Stephen Parks is a designer, artist, and educator living and working in Deep Gap, North Carolina, US. Parks’ self-publishes under the moniker Constant Ritual. Constant Ritual is a small collaborative studio meeting writers, designers, and artists at the intersection of printed matter. Parks’ design research spans the investigation of whole Earth systems and our embedded social intimacy with these topics. His work moves between screen-based mediums, photography, and lived experiences, utilizing printmaking, publishing, and sculpture as primary channels of dissemination.

Parks' sees printing as a means of processing and thinking. His work focuses on visualizing unnoticed Earth occurrences and planetary systems, such as atmospheric conditions, geological changes, and other dynamic events to which humans are directly related. Parks' work does not add to the scientific lexicon but rather seeks to reshape scientific inquiry and accumulate interest through art and design publishing.

Parks’ received his MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and has exhibited at various venues, including the Vancouver Art Book Fair, Printed Matter’s New York Art Book Fair, Usagi NYC, Claire T. Carney Library at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Multiple Formats Art Book Symposium at Boston University, Typojanchi (Seoul, South Korea), Odds & Ends Book Fair at Yale University Art Gallery, Lamar Dodd School of Art, VCU's Anderson Gallery, Bruce Gallery at PennWest University, and the Weil Gallery at Texas A&M Corpus Christi.