Consulatet (NO)

Consulatet is a cooperative of local cultural actors in Stavanger/Norway.

Consulatet enables artists and cultural workers from various disciplines (14 at the moment) to rent affordable spaces to work in a stimulating, explorative artistic community in central Stavanger, and to build a supportive and inclusive production environment. With an outward-looking profile that invites more people in through collaborations, events, concerts, workshops and affordable and accessible common spaces for external projects and initiatives.

Consulatet embraces a broad range spanning from experimental, interdisciplinary and cross-aesthetic voices via cultural criticism and exploration of community models, about sustainable entrepreneurship, to specialised services that contribute to the breadth of the local cultural scene. Collaborating with each other and with each other’s networks is essential for all members of Consulatet.

Consulatet and its members are contributing in many areas of Stavanger’s cultural community. At the same time, we also have a national and international impact with the artistic practice of our members in art, music, design and film, being a collective of independent actors with a broad network within a number of disciplines.