Bladr (Danish for ’turn the page’) is a platform for the exploration, distribution, and appreciation of artists’ books, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The space stands at the threshold between an exhibition space, a bookshop and a creative space, exploring the book as the point of intersection of the above.

The activity of the platform is directed by the aspiration to create a place of representation for emerging artists that experiment with the book format. The selection of books exhibited in the physical and online space is curated with the intention to expand the framework of the artist’s book and make space for diverse practices to be voiced. In this process, the vision is to expand the community around the artist’s book and reinforce the network across disciplines and cultures.

Bladr is located in the heart of Nørrebro, Copenhagen, home of a large creative community that is central to the activity of the space.

We represent small independent publishers as well as self-published work. On occasions Bladr publish artists’ books in close collaboration with artists in relation to exhibitions.