How many female type designers do you know? by Yulia Popova (Onomatopee)


Sat 02.04 at 15:00


Yulia Popova is a graphic designer and author from Berlin, who will present her book «How many female type designers do you know? I know many and talked to some!» The book aims to shine light on the work of women in type, and is published by Onomatopee. The book was first published in 2020 and is now published in its 2nd edition.

About the book:

The first part of the book offers research on the gender issue in type design field. It includes statistics, data and an overview of some works that address this issue. Further it contains some biographies of female type designers that worked in the 19th and in the beginning of 20th century. These women contributed to the industry, yet they are rarely mentioned in educational material.

The second part is a series of the interviews with 14 women that are either currently working as type designers or are in any other way involved in the field of type design. These interviews intend to uncover the topic of unequal share of female and male speakers at type conference as well as the lack of women in the industry. The last part of the book is a showcase of typefaces designed by women. The purpose of this part is to show the great amount and broad variety of such typefaces.

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