Book presentation: Oslofjord - Jessica Williams (Issue Press)


Sun 03.04 at 13:30


The second edition of “Oslofjord” has been many years in the making, and is a close collaboration between the artist Jessica Williams (US/NO) and George Wietor (US) of the formidable risograph publisher and print shop Issue Press. The book, which depicts arrays of very specific beach plastic collected in the inner Oslofjord, was completely reworked with new color combinations by Wietor, new images, and a new text by the artist.

The first edition, originally self-published on the artist’s imprint Hverdag Books in 2016, “bears witness to an intrusion of the artificial into the organic, the manufactured into nature… Every image is saturated with a weird phantasmagorical intensity. Williams’ book depicts a slow moving violence that affects the very categories by which we make sense of things” - Bladr, Copenhagen.

Jessica Williams established Hverdag Books, a micro press and self-publishing studio, in 2016. Hverdag publishes unique and experimental editions for and about the everyday. From the fall, Hverdag will start publishing works by BIPOCQ artists and designers after years of flying solo. And for the whole month of August, you can visit a version of the studio at the National Museum in Oslo. Come say hi.