Opening Night

Fri 01.04 at 20:00


We are very happy to welcome you to the opening night of Bergen Art Book Fair 2022! This night we will have an opening performance with Vilde Tuv, presentations by Printed Matter and Homie House Press and a reading performance with Melanie Kitti and Priya Bains at Landmark from 8pm!

Performance by Vilde Tuv

Bergen Art Book Fair is a big fan of the one-woman-band of Vilde Tuv and her mesmerizing new album 'Melting Songs' (2021). With synths and the "cursed" recorder (that many Norwegian children have to learn at a young age) she makes eerie, almost new-age, fantasy-movie-from-the-80s soundscapes! We are so happy to have Vilde Tuv with us to celebrate our opening day!

Reading performance by Melanie Kitti and Priya Bains

Artist Melanie Kitti and writer Priya Bains will read from the publication Støttehefte #2

The first edition of Støttehefte was realeased in summer 2020. This initiative was in reaction to the global Black Lives Matter protests and was born from a desire to show solidarity and support the Black Lives Matter movement on an economic level.

The first two editions of Støttehefte contain texts from the founding members, who have previously studied together at the Forfatterskolen in Copenhagen. The members have future ambitions of publishing texts from other writers and contributors.

Presentation by Printed Matter

Welcome to the Opening Night at Bergen Art Book Fair, happening once again at Landmark. This year we are excited to present Printed Matter, by Sanjana Iyer (Fairs and Editions Coordinator). Printed Matter is a non-profit organization founded by artists and art-workers in 1976, and is two bookstores and two art book fairs (NY Art Book Fair and LA Art Book Fair).

Mini talk by Homie House Press

Homie House Press is a sisterhood, an evolving plan, and a sci-fi sequence where historically underrepresented folx are equipped with the tools to create + publish in the foto book medium.

Homie House Press are visual recorders navigating the current moment with a wolfpack mentality. Community over everything means that they confront with care. They are color-nerd, glitter-obsessed, sticker collectors. Call them book fairies. They are a playground where joy is big and pleasure is major. Safe spaces aren’t always accessible, but they do their best to be the big spoon. They re-emerge secret stories with gentle wonder and welcome close examination. The result is always honest, sometimes playful allegory, and other times irreverent fables.