Side Magazine (Bergen Assembly/Wirchleicht Books)

Book launch

Fri 01.04 at 16:30



Side Magazine is conceived as a site of research for the fourth edition of Bergen Assembly convened by artist Saâdane Afif. Afif has invited Berlin-based Yasmine d’O. as curator of the edition and executive editor of Side Magazine.

Side Magazine is dedicated to the seven characters in The Heptahedron, a play written by the French poet, essayist, and scholar Thomas Clerc in 2016. In order of apparition these characters are the Professor, the Moped Rider, the Bonimenteur, the Fortune Teller, an Acrobats, the Coalman, and the Tourist.

Yasmine d’O. says, “The seven characters in The Heptahedron resemble a game—a tarot deck—and that’s handy, because my work as a curator requires a certain level of divination. I am becoming better acquainted with them, exploring and discovering them through their puzzling names. I consider Side Magazine a tool of poetic prospection, if you will. It is neither an art magazine, nor an academic magazine. Instead, it gives a body to the seven faces of The Heptahedron, physicalising the questions that they raise. Subsequently, they will become the motifs guiding the seven exhibitions that will shape the seven sides of the upcoming Bergen Assembly.”

Seven issues of Side Magazine will be released in the run up to the opening of Bergen Assembly 2022, each comprised of seven articles respectively. A special eighth issue includes installation images, which will be published after the opening days. This, combined with the existing seven issues, make up the collection that constitute the exhibition catalogue and guide.