Bodies that shed tears – Sayo Senoo

Book launch

Sat 02.04 at 12:30


"Bodies that shed tears" is Sayo Senoo's newest book / zine made from her
photo collection downloaded from various websites of sex-related

On the publication, Senoo says, "I worked in this kind of company to pay for my art studies. These jobs are mentally and physically heavy. But the high pay prevents most of us from quitting before their health is damaged.

The images are transformed through several processes using inkjet printers to make visible these physical and mental damages, the fatigues and the pains that hide behind the seductive poses and smiles of the people in the photos"

About Sayo Senoo:

Sayo Senoo is an artist working with atypical materials such as used condoms gleaned from outdoor cruising locations, contaminated air from the forbidden areas of Fukushima, or animal organs discarded by hunters in the Arctic. She is interested in the relationship between the visible and the invisible and how it determines our beliefs and perceptions. She started to make publications in 2019 to document her ephemeral works. She handcrafts all the publications and limited-edition items herself.