Risofort is a small Riso publishing collective & print studio in Hamburg, Germany. Our collective currently consists of two artists/illustrators & an artist/social scientist. Founded in 2020, when 2/3 of Risofort relocated to Hamburg after formerly co-running the collective Risograd in Graz, Austria, we had plenty of time to renovate our new backyard-studio during the first lockdown. Drawing from DIY practices we've encountered in other collective structures, we strive to provide an accessible space for people to print stuff. For us, printed matter (still) is a political tool with powerful implications. For that reason, we regularly offer open workshops where everyone is welcome to drop by for trying out Riso printing, doing small-ish low-cost projects or just having a coffee and looking at different kinds of paper. We also do contract-printing for a variety of clients in and around Hamburg. And — if time in between print jobs and other work we do allows for it — we publish our own printed matter, the latest one being a coloring book (not just) for grown-ups: “There is something where there should be nothing and there is nothing where there should be something” (2021). We mainly work with risographs as they fit our modus operandi: uncomplicated, fit for small runs of art prints as well as aesthetic and content-wise meaningful mass reproduction. Beyond that, our studio is becoming more and more crammed with print-finishing tools every day.