Knust/Extrapool (NL)

Knust is the name of the graphic space in artist-run-organisation Extrapool, Nijmegen NL. Knust has been highly specialized in the stencilprinting technique and started in 1984 with Roneo’s and nowadays Riso and Ricoh machines; A3/A2 with 50 different color drums. Knust prints and makes books, posters, (maga)zines and much more in residency, DIY or commissioned. In January 2015 Knust opened a DIY print workspace at AGA LAB in Amsterdam run by volunteers.
Knust is daily run by Jan Dirk de Wilde (founder, since 1984), Joyce Guley (since 1991), Astrid Florentinus (since 2011) and Alice Schiavone (since 2020).

Events with Knust/Extrapool: