Half Letter Press and Artist Publishers Reflect on Book Waste


Fri 14.04 at 11:00

Upstairs, Bergen Kunsthall

Half Letter Press (US) is a publishing imprint and online store initiated by the group Temporary Services. Temporary Services is Brett Bloom & Marc Fischer. They have published booklets as an element of their collaborative work since 1998. Temporary Services started Half Letter Press in 2008 to publish work by others and build long-term support and expanded audiences for people that work creatively in experimental ways.

For this talk, Marc will give an overview of their publishing history and present Artist Publishers Reflect on Book Waste. Building on  previous publications like Book Waste Book, Self-Reliance Library and What Problems Can Artist Publishers Solve? in this new title 7 artist publishers reflect on their experiences of waste in the making of their books. They describe problems they faced in the past and are working to avoid in the future, lessons learned, changes they are making or have made to make their work less wasteful, interesting things they do with waste materials, and tips or tricks to have a less ecologically damaging publishing practice.