&soWalter (NO / DE)

&soWalter (usw.) is a riso printshop and small press publisher based in Stavanger, run by Benjamin Hickethier. Since 2015, &soWalter is exploring relationships between self-publishing and self-empowerment. Most of USW.press' work is self-initiated, realised in-between commissions for other artists/designers/humans, for clients/collaborators and for research projects/objects. Other activities include facilitating and organising of riso-oriented workshops, teaching/learning/unlearning as well as inviting artists (and other humans) to print sessions. USW.press publishes also as Villhund forlag and Byverksted, and is part of Norsk Risoforening. &soWalter/Benjamin Hickethier is representing the culture cooperative Consulatet at BABF24, together with Espen Birkedal.