Gloria Glitzer

Oh No — Artists who do books

We understand publications as free and safe spaces in which self-determined political and aesthetic questions are negotiated and social communities are defined through publishing as an (artistic) practice.
The publications never refer only to themselves, but reflect critically, ironically, sometimes strikingly and sometimes enigmatically on art, society, the feeling, the object, the ego and always great comrades-in-arms from music and art whose work Gloria Glitzer celebrates and wants to say thank you to them with her publications.

Gloria Glitzer is the avatar of the artists Franziska Brandt and Moritz Grünke.
Founded in 2007, Gloria Glitzer develops, creates, and publishes artzines and artists’ books.
Gloria Glitzer also runs We make it a Risography and Graphics studio and run the Herbarium Riso, a public archive dedicated to stencil printed matters.