Bur-Rose is the umbrella for all things published by Lula Valletta. Lula Valletta is a visual artist, curator and zinester with a long standing history in DIY publishing and printmaking. The zines and tape releases on her label Bur-Rose reflect her own artistic practice and interest; from cult to punk subculture, collage, noise, surrealism and other chaos; if she likes it, she’ll publishes it. While her main focus is on zines, she doesn’t shy away from bringing out tapes and apparel, or anything she fancies. All limited editions and made with TLC (tears, loathing and chaos). Even though the label Bur-Rose as such only exists since 2022, it has been in the works since over 15 years. Everything ever published under Lula’s own name, her cut-up collective Arpsianism, Prophit Art Zine, Pioneer Punk Zine, underground art gallery HOK and Riso print room Stencilwerck is now finally coming together in one place, on one label. And not just as an outlet for her own work, but also for works by other artists she admires. All run in the DIY spirit, and staying true to the punk ethos, some of the Bur-Rose books are nominated gems, have been travelling around artbook fairs in throughout Europe for years, and can be found in private and public collections worldwide. Bur-Rose is ready to continue travelling around the world. Popping up at a noise show or artbook fair near you soon! Or... at Bur-Rose’s very own festival The Other Book!