Knust is the name of the graphic space in artist run organisation Extrapool based in Nijmegen the Netherlands, and represents a print- and bookbinding workspace and a shop. Ever since 1984, coming from the squat movement, Knust has always been highly interested in DIY publishing; in the beginning of their own (political, ironical, arty) comics, artist’s books and zines, later for friends which grew into printing and co-publishing books of graphic artist’s all over the world. We are specialized in the stencilprinting technique, also known as mimeograph (analogue than) or Riso (digital now). Nowadays, Knust has everything in house to make all kinds of printed matter like artist’s books, (maga)zines, comics, flyers, artist’s prints; from print to finish. Graphic artist’s can come to work in curated or open call residency, DIY or we print commissioned.

Louis Reith
Mireille Tap
Anne Brugnik