Edition Taube

Edition Taube was founded in 2009 by Jonas Beuchert, Tilman Schlevogt and Jan Steinbach and received the German Publishing Award in 2020 and its Grand Prix in 2022. Edition Taube is an independent publishing house for contemporary art and publishes artists’ books and limited editions in small print runs.

Edition Taube believes in the future and demands and supports new positions on paper. Researching and conveying the subversive power of the naive and intuitive is not only expressed in the production of books and editions, but is as well a motivation for bringing new artistic perspectives into circulation.

Through an active network of artists and like-minded people, an international radius of action has developed since 2009 and enables exhibitions, workshops and collaborations in the world’s metropolises. The cultural exchange and the dialogue with artists and recipients are central.

David Horvitz: წვიმა Rain
Stefano Calligaro: Poetricks
Ann-Kathrin Müller, Judith Engel: Das Signal